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Most people ask, what is Orzo anyway, is it rice, is it pasta, some sort of grain?  It is that wonder that inspired Chef Tosta to create Orzo It Goes in early 2017.  She first got started vending at food festivals using one signature dish and this little Orzo quickly became popular.  Soon everyone was talking about Orzo, yes it goes with everything, and its ability to be dressed up or down for any occasion is what makes it unique. 


Orzo does not specialize in a single cuisine, and neither do we, we just make great food.  Whether classic American, mediterranean, seafood or a unique vegetarian dish,  it's sure to please.  And yes we even do gluten free Orzo.  To date we have served over 8,000 customers, most of which have never tried that tiny little pasta before, so we are introducing to the world the little known, Orzo, It Goes.   

The ability to serve all people is the vision that started Orzo it Goes, and with that became a mission of providing exquisite food at a reasonable price.  Whether it's a small family gathering, holiday party or corporate lunch, you will not be disappointed!


Chef Garnishing a Meal
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